Decorative Faux Stone Moulding Installers


Envirorend are equipped with the expertise to handle your whole facade installation. Enviorend have a fantastic working relationship with our moulding fabricator who can manufacture from your designs or to match the existing mouldings on the surrounding buildings. Quite often in areas that require planning permission, a facade will have to be have the original mouldings re-installed to match the mouldings on the surrounding buildings. 


Decorative moudings


How Are The Mouldings Made?

The decorative mouldings we install can be manufactured in almost any profile or shape. Being made out of an ultra lightweight material offers many advantages as it is easier to transport, handle and install. A team of two installers can easily move the product around a scaffold, safely carrying up ladders to install, whereas compared to a traditional stone that would require cranes and lifts and many applicators to install.

The mouldings are manufactured from a high quality EPS with hard coatings and finished in a choice of pre-coloured stone/render colours. These mouldings not only look like stone but when installed they feel like stone too.


Types of Decorative Mouldings


moulding types


Choose Envirorend for your complete facade installation. We are available in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex, all over London and throughout the south east. 



Decorative Mouldings & Rendering Installation

On this installation the crisp white mouldings against the grey through colour render really made for a show stopping combination. 

This installation was completed in Eastbourne in East Sussex and was a requirement due to planning rules.