External Wall Insulation

Key Advantages of an EWI Installation

  • Disruption Inside Property - The Insulation is installed on the outside of the property, so there's no internal refurbishment required
  • Can Be Installed to Any Substrate - No matter what is currently on the external walls, there is a EWI system available
  • Saves Money - Insulating the outside of your property can greatly reduce your heating bills, saving you £££'s
  • Eco Friendly - Less CO2 emissions due to a more efficient home, Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces Draughts - Covers and fills holes and cracks in the brickwork
  • Beautiful New Walls - The exterior through colour render coat is a more aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Breathable Wall - The system is breathable, so it allows rain water to dry out rather than becoming penetrating damp


We also provide a service to install the latest in external wall insulated systems (EWI). An external wall insulation system is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative exterior cladding procedure involving the use of expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and phenolic foam.

It is likely that if your home was built before 1920 it is built with one solid wall, which means that it will let out lots of heat, making your home inefficient and expensive. External wall insulation is fixed to the outside of your wall, a base coat and mesh is applied and then a decorative finish is rendered on top. This gives your outside walls extra protection through filling cracks and gaps, weather proofing and increasing sound resistance. This system has high flexibility which eliminates the chances of cracking and it's highly weather resistance which helps it withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

A selection of finishes are currently used on this system including Parex through coloured mineral renders, acrylic/silicone renders and also traditional dry dash renders.

EWI external wall insulation


An example of an EWI installation in progress

An EWI installation completed in Eastbourne, East Sussex