Heritage Lime Rendering

Restoration Lime Rendering 

Lime render application can be the only choice for a properties facade, when a property has been constructed using a lime based mortar. Cement based renders are not the appropriate choice when applying render on to a lime mortar built building, only a suitable lime based render is appropriate. 

Heritage lime render is quite often specified on the restoration and renovation of older period properties and also listed properties. Lime renders are also very practical as they let a building "breath". 

Envirorend use pre-coloured lime renders which can be finished in either a "scratch" or "sponged" finish. The lime renders we use typically can be spray applied or applied traditionally by hand with a hawk and trowel. 

The lime renders we use come from our manufacturer, pre-bagged and pre-coloured. With 48 colours to choose from our clients have the freedom to be as creative as they desire when choosing a colour for their properties facade. 


Parex Lime Render Guarantee

parex lime render

Envirorend use Parex as our lime render manufacturer. Parex have a proven track record in regards to support and technical know how. Parex have a plethora of lime products available to be used on lime render installations. 

As Parex approved lime render installers, our clients can be rest assured that they are receiving a quality installation with the necessary back up from the render manufacturer. Parex issue Envirorend with a job specification for each lime render job. We then complete each project using the materials and process specified. Once the project is complete a Parex rep will visit the property and "sign off" the lime render installation, issuing the property with a job specific 10 year guarantee. 


Lime Render Applicators

Envirorend are available throughout the south east for lime render installation and restoration projects. Our lime render applicators are available in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Hampshire and all over London. Please get in touch via the form below for a free quotation.