Why Use Coloured Render?

Coloured render has many benefits compared to using traditional sand and cement render. Some of these benefits are less obvious than others, so here is a quick article explaining in Lehman's terms everything you need to know.

Key Benefits Of Coloured Render

  • No More Painting - The types of render systems we use do not require painting EVER, the colour pigment is all the way through so the finish will last for many years.
  • Saves Money on Energy Bills - You are effectively putting a coat around your property. As the render covers all cracks and holes there will be no more droughts.
  • Weather Resistant - The renders we use contain silicone so they actively repel water rather than letting it soak in.
  • Many Colours and Finishes - The monocouche renders we use come in many colours so be as adventurous as you like.
  • Can Be Installed All Year Round - There is no waiting for a dry period so you can paint as the colour is already in the finish
  • Finish Wont Crack or Peel - The rendering systems we use come with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee, and are likely to last year’s longer.
  • Kurb Appeal - Coloured render is very attractive finish, so it's practical as well as aesthetically pleasing
  • Speed of Installation - Applying a machine spray applied render is a lot quicker than traditional hand applied sand and cement. There is also no waiting for it to dry so you can paint. So, the costs of scaffolding are greatly reduced.

Maintenance Free

As a household maintenance, the external appearance of a house can be an expensive up keep. Masonry paints do not last long and are prone to cracking and peeling. So, the easiest way to cut the cost of re-rendering or re-painting is a through coloured render. It's not just the cost of the paint/materials and labour, it’s also the cost of erecting a scaffold every time you need an up lift.

Monocouche Coloured Render Is Beautiful