Domestic Services

Please see below the range of services we provide for our domestic customers.

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation systems involve adhesively and mechanically fixing an insulating layer to the external fabric of an existing or new building. The system is finished with a mesh-reinforced render coat (most commonly silicone), brick slips or cladding.

Silicone / Acrylic Rendering

Hard-wearing and flexible, thin coat acrylic and silicone renders are installed as the topcoat to mesh-reinforced render systems (with or without External Wall Insulation). They are pigmented in the same way as paint so are available in the widest and most vibrant range of colours. They are also available in a choice of grain size which determines the texture of the finish.

Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche meaning 'one coat' is a modern pre-coloured mineral render applied by trowel or spray-applied by machine. Once applied, the render is scraped and scratched producing a pitted yet clean and crisp finish.

Lime Rendering

Hydraulic limes are used as an alternative to cement-based binders in the pre-coloured lime renders we offer. They are suitable for use in either new buildings within conservation areas or in the repair and maintenance of historic buildings which we have a wealth of experience in.

Brick Slips

Brick slips are increasingly installed as a quick and cost-effective means to clad a new building or refurbish an existing one. Coupled with External Wall Insulation brick slip systems can help achieve energy efficiency standards whilst maintaining a traditional face brick finish.