Natural hydraulic lime render requires a high level of skill to apply them. Good mixing practices are paramount to the quality of the product. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to use well graded, washed sharp sand or river sand in lime renders, these are usually only found from specialist high quality suppliers and are far superior to manmade sand which are manufactured by crushing stone such as sandstone. Using low quality sand, contaminated sand, or soft sand results in high levels of shrinkage, cracking and spalling of the render system ultimately causing failure of the render. Due to this we use modern pre-bagged lime render which continues the correct consistency.

Lime renders were traditionally applied without the use of corner beads or stop beads. Corner beads and stop beads may sometimes be used in restoration projects to rebuild the substrate but can be hidden underneath the finishing coat. Lime render is often applied in a rustic style following the contours of the building and allowing shading of the finish coat to give a traditional and natural appearance. Alternative finishes are available such as scratch and sponge float.

Lime renders are available as standard renders or thorough coloured renders in many different colours and shades.

Baumit Render
K-Rend Colour Render
Wetherby Render
Sto Render
Weber Render
Parex Render
Lime Green
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